Dear Buddii,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about Buddii and our mission. To be honest, I never really wanted to write an About Us section for the site. I figured that if I did, it would be like every other About Us section on the internet. I would talk about how we love our customers or how we work hard to deliver the best possible service (which we do by the way). You know, your typical company spiel. I thought it would be plain boring and come off as disingenuous. To avoid all that, I just wasn’t going to do it all. Until that one fateful day.

I was driving home from work listening to an audiobook by Neil Patel called “Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life” and the idea of our About Us section came to life. The book talked about the importance of having purpose and meaning behind your “hustle”. The author wanted the readers to ask themselves “why are you hustling in the first place?” Well, that’s obvious. Everyone knows why they do or don’t do something right?

That’s when I realized that I have never asked myself that question before and I was unsure why I was hustling.

Why AM I trying to work so hard? Why do I work myself to the bone for this hustle? Why am I spending every ounce of extra time away from my family and friends, the things I truly love, trying to build this company? This led me down my usual spiral of self-doubt and worry. Is all this work even worth it? What am I really trying to accomplish? Can I do this? After some deliberation, it came down to one word. HOPE.

We all go through life searching for meaning and purpose. We look to find the reason for our very existence. Like many, I was in a job that I did not like. I had student loans up the wazoo with little option to do anything else. I felt stuck. I’ve long held hopes and dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. After repeated failures, I was close to accepting that I would never accomplish my dream. I was not in a good place in my life and I was losing hope.

Well, one day my cousin approached me with the idea of starting a business. Naturally, I was fearful because of my past failed attempts. I could just be wasting my cousin’s time and mine. But the topic of CBD came up and the more we talked about it, the more I realized how perfect it was.

At the time, I had heard about this miraculous thing called CBD. I didn’t know much about it but I would consistently read about how it has helped thousands of people with pain, stress, anxiety, epilepsy, cancer and a host of other ailments. It was changing lives. Reading all of your stories, one thing always stood out to me. I’m just like you. Your stories are my stories. Pain?

My work has left me with chronic back pain for years now. At its worst, I couldn’t hold my newborn daughter up for longer than 5 minutes without having to put her down.


I’ve gone through breakdowns from stress and depression. I’ve had the thoughts of self-inflicting hurt and suicide. I’ve seen the therapists.


Growing up bullied with low self esteem has left me with anxiety when I’m around people. I find safety and comfort when I’m alone but I also love being around people.  It’s a daily struggle.

I’m not trying to tell a sob story but I want to make a point that I’ve been there too. I’ve had those same hardships. Many of us have and still do. I understand where you’re coming from. CBD has helped me and so many people across the world. Why would I not want to be a part of that? Especially when so many of your stories touched so close to home. I felt it was a perfect fit.

So, I started Buddii with my two cousins, we wanted it to be a friendly company. One that is warm, comfortable and inviting. We wanted to listen and be dependable. We wanted it to feel like a friend or a buddy. We want it to represent the hope and dreams that every one of you has for a happy and fulfilled life So, after that drive home I realized that I do all this because of hope. The same hopes that I share with each and every one of you. The hope to feel better. The hope that pain goes away. The hope for a better life for my family and myself. It touches me on a personal level. So, the only thing fitting for an About Us section was this personal letter to you, our dear customers. It’s your hope that drives our hope and the hopes of those around you.

This is ME. This is US. This is BUDDII.


Anthony Nguyen, Co-Founder