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  1. Plus CBD Capsule
    Price: $29.95 - $69.95
  2. PLUS CDB Oil Softgels - RAWS
    Price: $29.95 - $49.95
    Price: $19.95 - $89.95
  4. Lazarus CBD Capsuless
    Price: $8.00 - $100.00
  5. Infinite CBD Gummies
    Price: $22.50
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Welcome to Buddii’s CBD oil edibles section.  Take a look at our assortment of CBD edibles for sale.  Here you’ll find small bite sized edibles infused with CBD oil.  Our hemp edibles are simple and easy to take. Enjoy CBD gummies that are fun and tasty.  Or take a CBD capsule just like you would a regular vitamin.  Perfect for those on the go with little time to fiddle with oils or vape devices.  They are also great as supplements you can take on top of your regimen of oils and tinctures.

What are CBD edibles?

CBD edibles are capsules/pills/gummies that are infused with CBD oil.

Why should I take CBD edibles?

You might have a stressful job that’s demanding or maybe you work and have children to take care of as well.  Stay mentally clear from stress and anxiety from life’s demands by eating a few gummies or popping some CBD capsules and get through day with more ease and satisfaction. Plus CBD has the largest variety of capsules and gelcaps to ensure you exactly the one you’re looking for.

How can CBD edibles help?

Aches and pains can really hinder our ability to live our life fully.  How can we get around to the activities we want to do or be focused on our jobs or loved ones when we’re constantly thinking about our pain?  It can be a real nagging presence. Trying some hemp edibles infused with CBD can get your mind off your injuries and refocus our attention on the things you love and want.  We particularly love the gummies from Highland Pharms.

Why are CBD edibles popular?

A lot of people do not like the taste of CBD.  Hemp extracts have a distinctive earthy flavor.  Edibles infused with hemp extract is confined to the CBD pill.  You can easily schedule your CBD intake throughout the day.

If you’re looking to purchase CBD edibles online then Buddii is your CBD marketplace for all things CBD.  Buy easy with our 100% guarantee and team of experts to answer all your questions. Drop us a line and our live chat and we’d love to help you.  You are not alone.  Join the millions of other people that have tried CBD and have never looked back.  Whether it is showing you the best ways to take CBD or finding the right product for your specific needs, we are here.  At Buddii, we will hold your hand every step of the way and walk you through the process.

CBD Edibles FAQ

Does the CBD edibles work with pain?

CBD has been shown to help with a variety of issues. Everybody is different but there has been a number of studies showing the positive benefits of CBD.

Do you have a coupon for the CBD edibles?

Yes, all new users can get 25% off their first purchase. Please use the coupon code “giveme25” at checkout.

Can I take these CBD edibles to help me sleep?

Many studies have shown that CBD has shown a positive effect on people’s sleeping habits.

How long does it take before I start to feel the CBD?

Unlike other methods of CBD injection, edibles do take longer to digest. We recommend you take it after a meal. For some people, it takes a few days to build up the CBD in their system to feel the full effects.

Are these CBD edibles legal to buy?

Yes, all our edibles are legal in 50 states. All the CBD edibles contain 0.3% THC or less.

Do you offer free shipping for CBD edibles?

Buddii offers free shipping if you live in the United States. Buddii also ships internationally for a flat rate of $15 dollars to the following countries: Australia, Canada and New Zealand.