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CBD Balm and Creams 

CBD topical products can help you manage your personal wellness and health issues through direct application.  These topicals come as a CBD balm, cream or lotion that you apply directly onto your skin. 

The CBD creams are made CBD rich hemp oil mixed with essential oils to promote skin, joint and muscle health. People will profess how great it makes their skin feel smooth and supple.

Dealing with stiff, achy joints?  Muscle soreness from an intense gym session?  CBD cream or lotions will help alleviate general aches and pains so you can move freely without restriction or discomfort.  It penetrates deep into the skin and loosens up those muscles for extra mobility and freedom.

Using a CBD topical is a holistic, natural way to tackle joint and muscle soreness in addition to replenishing dry, aged skin.  Products such as Highland Pharms Cream and Plus CBD Balm are all-natural, hemp-based and proven effective.

What is found in CBD Oil Lotions and Creams?  

The most important ingredient that you'll find in CBD lotions is some sort of CBD extract.  These extracts can either be full-spectrum or isolate based.  What you choose will depend on your personal preferences.  Do you a complete product thats contains all the elements found in hemp or do you just prefer to have the CBD and nothing else.  

You will typically find other types of oils that provide benefits of moisturizing and softening.

Since these are skin products, it common to find things like vitamin E and aloe vera — ingredients know to be beneficial for you skin.

What do I use CBD balm for?

The power of CBD lies in it healing properties.  It's general knowledge that it contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties.  Inflammation can cause pain and swelling that gets aggravating and limiting.  

Do you do lots of repetitive movement or manual labor?  Go to the gym alot?  These activities can leave your sore and stiff.  Recovery is essential in these cases.  Often, the only option is to maintain yourself.

This is where CBD and the use of balms and creams can be life-changing.  Use it for those joints and muscles.  Any place there is skin is fair game.  

How do I use CBD balms and creams?

It's very simple.  Just apply directly onto areas of the skin that you find need extra support.

A helpful tip is to make sure your skin is dry and clean so that there is no comtamination that prevents the CBD from absorbing into your skin.

If possible, you can open up your pores with a warm towel or napkin.  This will also allow for faster and easier absorption.

Give it about 10 minutes or so to let the CBD get deep into the tissues.  Sometimes the effects are immediate and you don't need to wait at all.


Can I fail a drug test from using a CBD topical?

The simple answer is no.  

However, you may have heard stories in the news about people failing drug tests for jobs while using CBD.  While this may be true, there are alot of unknown factors that may have lead to a failed drug test.

In order for a CBD product to be legal it needs to be made from hemp with less than 0.3% THC — the chemical thats causes a high in marijuana.

Always make sure that the CBD products you buy are third party tested for purity and potency.  Buying from a third party that does not have these tests results put you at risk for something that may have higher amounts of THC than listed.

Also, there may be contamination from other sources that can lead to high THC levels in the products.  Poor quality control and manufacturing practices can lead to discrepancies.

Unfortunately, there isn't any way to check this so it's important you buy from reputable companies and distributors.

Even so, there is little chance that you will test positive for THC from something like a CBD balm.

This is because topicals products are localized.  They are placed in specific areas and have little chance for large amounts to get into your bloodstream.  The product stays isolated so there is little to no chance you will find high concentrations of anything in your blood.

Buddii Promise 

All Buddii purchases are back by our 100% no money back guarantee.  No questions asked. Chat with one of our buddii CBD experts to answer any and all inquiries to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.  We are committed to you, our fellow buddiis, to get you the best products and services.

Whether you want to help relieve your tired joints and musles or smoother, healther skin, CBD can be your answer.  You’re tired of the results you’re getting with other products or medications. You want things to change. If you want changes in your life, you must do things differently. Make the definitive decision now to get different results and a different life. Shop safely and confidently for CBD balm and creams today on Buddii.


Can I use CBD balms daily?

Yes, you can use CBD blams and cream daily for pain relief.  

How long does it take before I feel the effects?

Everybody is different but we recommend you wait at least 20-30 minutes before re-applying the CBD balm if you are not feeling the relief.

What's your shipping policy?

Buddii has free shipping of all CBD products in the USA.  We also offer a flat rate of $15 to the following countires:  Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

What is the difference between a CBD hand salve and CBD cream?

CBD salves are typically harder and contains a combination of oils and wax where creams are more light in texture.