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Vaping with CBD

Since vaping has took the world by storm, it has helped many smokers quit their smoking addiction and has helped countless others reduce their cigarette Vaping provides people with relaxation and stress relief so h2s only natural that CBD vaping would eventually find its way into the market. CBD vape is the quickest way for CBD be absorbed into the By inhaling directly into your lungs, CBD acts very quickly and efficiently. There is no long wait time to digest like other types of CBD products like oils and edibles.

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Did you know that now more than ever people are vaping CBD with their vape This natural progression allows current and new vapers to experience the benefits of


Vaping CBD oil

Buddii sells a variety of CBD vape oil and liquids for your vape pen or We sell everything from full spectrum vape juice, CBD isolate and CBD vape Each comes with their own specific CBD


Full Spectrum CBD vape juice is great if you are looking for the maximum CBD You can add this to your vape kit and start vaping CBD.


CBD Isolates is for those who want to vape 99% CBD Isolates do not contain any This is recommended if you get drug Full Spectrum CBD can potentially result in a positive drug test.


CBD vape additives are CBD additives that can added to vape If you are already have a preferred flavor, this is a great option which does not replace what you We recommend you purchase the 0mg strength nicotine if you want to try CBD at night without the


ps important to keep in mind that CBD vape oil vs CBD oils are two different You cannot vape CBD CBD oil sometimes labelled as CBD tinctures are made for oral ingestion and not You must remember to read the ps recommended usage prior to use or CBD vape products are usually made from hemp based CBD that has been isolated and added to PG and VG to create the final Sometimes, pll hear it being labelled as a CBD vape oil but that is misnomer since ps not technically an oil.

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Different types of CBD vape hardware

At Buddii, we sell a variety of different types of CBD vape hardware.

Disposable CBD Pens:


Vape pens:


CBD Vape Kits:


JUUL Compatible CBD pods:


Replacement pods/coils/cartridges:


How much CBD should I vape?

Everybody is different but here are some general guidelines in terms of determining how much CBD should you For those who are new and want to try out CBD in their vape, we recommend you start with a low or medium strength CBD vape CBD vape juice starts anywhere between 100mg CBD strength all the way up to 3000mg The higher dosage of CBD you vape, the stronger the effects If you are looking for maximum CBD relief, we recommend you start at 1000mg CBD strength or It is advisable that you try CBD in the comfort of your own home to start.


Vaping CBD FAQ

How long take it take to feel CBD when I am vaping?

This depends on the individual, sometimes it takes 20 to 30 minutes. Other times it might take a few days. We recommend you continuing to vape CBD for a few days to feel the effects. For some people they will need to slowly build up the CBD in their system.

How does CBD make me feel?

People have reported that CBD helps you relax. You do not get high off CBD.

Can I vape CBD vape oil with nicotine?

Yes, you can vape CBD vape oil with nicotine.

Can I use any vape pen for CBD vape oil?

Yes, you generally can use CBD vape oil in any vape pen or device. Some vape pens require a thicker juice so you might get some leakage. Some vape devices require a thinner juice so the coils will not last as long.